8 July 2008

So goodbye, Roger Robertson

You won't last long in the political cesspit that is the BNP unless you get one thing right in your head straight away: you don't challenge Nick Griffin, understand?

'Cos if you do all kinds of nasty things are going to start happening to you - like your name will be trashed, your achievements will be belittled, Nick will forget every nice thing he ever said about you, and it won't matter a damn if you once chaired a BNP conference.

You'll be a gonner and no mistake.

So farewell to Roger Roberston, chief backer of Cllr Colin Auty's failed bid to challenge Nick Griffin for the leadership of the family business, found guilty of "subversion" by a BNP kangaroo court.

Now if Roger Robertson is guilty of subversion for backing Auty's half-baked challenge why is bottom-drawer election pundit and editor of BNP lie sheet Freedom Martin Wingfield cooing at Councillor Colin ("They don't see me as a Nick Griffin type") Auty on his blog - the one where Wingfield explains away the party's rotten election showings as the BNP's "quiet revolution"?

Right out of nowhere Wingfield starts a post by sending Colin a nice message that he loves the Composing Councillor's awful song Savile Town so much that he settled down one night and played it three or four times. Mind you, he was drinking wine at the time, so that probably explains it. Maybe the wine made Wingfield come over all gooey-eyed and forget all about Auty's treason in daring to oppose his mate Griffin, because he added:

Colin Auty is a brilliant nationalist musician and, as someone else in the business of winning people over to our cause, I know just what a potent message there is in his songs. Great stuff Colin, well done.

Aw, Colin, you're my bestest mate in all the world, you are.

So what's going on here? Auty's mate Robertson gets expelled for subversion amid the usual hyena cackling of the Griffin groupies but the main man himself is all right?

It smells fishier than Lowestoft quay.

Unless Wingfield is putting himself up for the bullet (unlikely) we reckon the word's gone out from on high to pull Colin back into the fold before he does some real damage, and Wingfield's doing his insincere bit.

It's called Divide and Rule. Last year Griffin pulled the same stunt after Christian Jackson's hamstrung leadership bid went down to rigged defeat, expelling main backer Mike Easter but leaving Jackson well alone.

The signal is easy to read - Nick daren't pick off the name who opposes him, so he'll go for the backroom boys, sending the message loud and clear to the entire BNP membership that if any one of them gets wonky ideas like Democracy into his head, Nick's going to stick that head on a pike.

It's the coward's way of doing business, and it's the only way Nick Griffin knows.

Out on the Nazi Stormfront the Griffin pack are in full cry over Robertson's expulsion, and it's very noticeable that none of the Regular Griffinite Suspects has a bad word to say about Councillor Colin - just like they were all singing from the same hymn-sheet. Kick Robertson while he's down is the order of the day - "kicking while he's down" being something most of the cowardly cabal have had a lot of practice at over the years.

One of them is possible Searchlight/State plant, lesbian dating site regular and dodger of flying soft drinks Sid Williamson, the moron who squealed that the police failed to protect him from "the poofters" when the SuperChav bravely showed up at Brighton Pride expecting to hurl insults from behind a couple of rows of Sussex's Finest - the same moron who encouraged his boys to confront Antifa at a BPP conference (read: drinking session) then left his boys in the lurch and had it away on his toes when Antifa stood their ground.

Also showing up is the Green Bigot, coward extraordinaire and lumpen liar - the BNP's least active member and loudest mouth, who turns up to accuse somebody showing support for Roger Robertson of being an infiltrator.

The Bigot, who visitors will remember only joined the BNP just before Christmas, has a long history of accusing nationalist veterans of being infiltrators and Reds, and prefers to do his campaigning from behind the anonimity of a keyboard, from where he presents himself as a man with a nationalist past (lies) and who is In The Know (more lies) - which is much safer than showing your face on the streets, eh, Bigot?

If a man (even one as secretive as the Bigot) is known by his friends, then who better to judge him by than his mate, fellow armchair nationalist and paranoid sniffer out of Reds, the equally useless and cowardly Brighton Rat?

A quick look at the Bigot's barely used forum tonight turned up a thread started by the Rat, 10 BNP activists hurt in clash with police. The Rat feverishly posted an extract, "At least ten people, including a journalist and BNP activists, were injured in clashes between the law enforcers and BNP activists", and linked to the story, which in his excitement he hadn't read.

There's real BNP brains for you.

The story was actually about the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, which the Rat only belatedly discovered.

Being as stupid as they come (even in the BNP), though, the Rat smelled - a rat. "When I search for news on the BNP I get loads about the Bangladeshis boys and BNP Paribas. I think it's a conspiracy to confuse us and weaken the BNP 'brand'."

Well there you are. Of course. Naturally.

And since the Bangladesh Nationalist Party and BNP Paribas both pre-date the British National Party by many years it's quite obvious that both were set up to deliberately confuse the would-be members of a would-be BNP should a party of that name ever come into existence.

Whew! What evil machinations are worked against the BNP! Even before the party ever set up shop "the conspiracy" was ready and waiting to whack it to the tiny mind of the Brighton Rat.

So, judging a man by his mates, we judge the Green Bigot to be terminally stupid.

But that's no worse than how Nick Griffin and his mates judge the BNP membership, who can be made to believe that a completely legal leadership challenge is somehow "subversive" and that anybody involved in it is "vermin", "thieves", "liars" and "cheats".

Yup, it takes a special kind of stupidity to join today's BNP. Ask the Bigot and the Rat.

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