20 July 2008

So farewell then, Green Bigot

So farewell then, Green Bigot
King of the BNP bloggers,
Greatest of armchair warriors
White Knight of the ku klux keyboard.

You were our hero as you
Resolutely laid siege to the
Pakistani Heretical Girl
With just 460 of your friends.

Thanks to your courage
We all took a peek at her busts
(Which were very nice)
And got to see pictures from
Pornographic websites
That you surfed in the dead of night
Because IP addresses can't be seen
In the dark.

So farewell then, Green Bigot
Your legacy will live on
For seconds
And in years to come
People will say that
The Bigot blogged as he lived
In true BNP style
Peddling hate and lies

And then he was gone
Just like the takings at the RWB

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, I been trying to contact u! You got me e.mails or no? We got trouble.
Denise, Atreus, there's a blog called "Women Against Misogony and Imperialism," it's Nazis disguised as radical feminists and they are getting a hearing- pumping hate disgusised as rad fem rejectionism of cultral relativism, it's not, nothing of the kind- it's Nazi BNP guys taking the feminist blogosphere for one long ride. And who are they using to try and profile their sick stuff (and it is sick), me best friend "The Apostate," and also "Kaffir Girl," but i am warning both, so they are latching on to us- or trying to cos we are Pakistani girl apostates and stuff, they want us to provide a platform (they link to Ayaan, Irshad Manji) it's a trend, and please don't ignore it cos it's double dangerous.
The guy doing this is "Natasha," but i am sure it's "Lionheart," he also calls for white suicide bombers to target immigrants, Eurabia rants, EUSSR etc etc, blah blah blah and he's got a sick obsession with abuse issues in Islam and rape in Islam. U ever heard a real rad fem rant like that?I put the links in the e.mails. Once more, it's WAMI- "Women Against Mysoginst Imperialism," the director (wtf) is "Natasha."
It's a new trick they're doing but it's amazing, the are getting away with it. Please guys, don't give them a free pass on this. I sent me e.mails to day and i hope u got them.
Pakistani Heretical Girl