23 November 2008

Evil paedos are secret BNP thugs

Perverts: the BNP's Andrew Wells and Ian Hindle
Two abused 14 year olds after getting them drunk

Two paedophiles jailed for sex attacks on schoolgirls last week are named on the leaked list of British National Party members, we can reveal. Perverts Ian Richard Hindle, 32, and Andrew Paul Wells, 49, plied two 14-year-olds with alcohol before subjecting them to sickening abuse.

Both men appear on a 12,000 strong BNP membership roll, alongside police officers, soldiers, doctors, prison officers—and even vicars. The sex beasts’ membership will bring further shame to the far-right party.

BNP leader Nick Griffin had claimed the number of people with respectable jobs on the list contradicted the view that the average member “was a skinhead oik”. But Gerry Gable, spokeman for anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said: “The fact that these two sex offenders are on the list shows the sort of vile characters which gravitate towards the fascist group.”

A court heard last week that twisted Hindle took advantage of one of the girls by having sex with her. Wells took snaps on his mobile of himself sexually assaulting the other teenager. The vile pair were caught when the horrifying images later came to the attention of the girl’s mother, who called police.

The men, of Blackburn, Lancs, carried out their depraved acts after getting the girls drunk at Wells’s flat. Hindle admitted unlawful sex with a child and was jailed for three years. Wells, who admitted two charges of engaging in sexual activity with a child and one of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, got two years and three months.

The horrendous abuse did not even stop when one of the drunk girls became ill, Preston Crown Court heard. When she staggered to the toilet, Wells followed her in and exposed himself to her.

Detective Constable Lee Eckersley said: “It is a prime example of men exploiting the vulnerability of a young girl for their own selfish needs.”

Their sentences came as the Metropolitan Police in London suspended four employees who were on the BNP list leaked on the internet. They are a PC, a special constable, a police community support officer and a civilian staff member. Cops and civilian police staff are banned from BNP membership.

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