24 November 2008

The Green Bigot Chronicles - BNP paedo scandal rocks Nantyglo Nazi

Actually, the Jolly Green Bigot isn't big enough to take the bad news on the chin. The Nantyglo Nazi - who went crying to Uncle Nick to have his address changed to a PO box number after we published this cowardly rascist creep's home address - can only babble on about paedophiles in the Tory party.

The BNP's most useless lump also got his nickers in a twist over the arrest of four BNP members, who were questioned about the distribution of disgusting anti-Muslim leaflets in Lancashire. Blaming Muslims for the heroin trade, the leaflets also featured pictures of the corpse of drug addict Rachel Whitear, originally authorised for use in legitimate anti-drug campaigns by her family, who were shocked when told that the BNP was using them as part of their racist campaign.

One of those arrested was Blackburn BNP organiser Robin Evans, who instantly became a hero to the Bigot - extoller of family values and purveyor of "British" values.

Unfortunately for the Bigot, his hero Evans has got form - and then some!

Family values: on his way to winning a council by-election in Blackburn, Evans lied to voters that he was standing to give his family a future. What he didn't say was that it was a future without him in the picture, because middle-aged Evans had been having an affair with then 21 year old BNP activist Julie Russell.

Evans warned wife Gwen about going to the newspapers when she uncovered the affair: "He said there would be repercussions if I did," she said, "and the party would take steps to 'counter-act' such moves. It was a clear threat and I knew he meant it."

Evans soon ditched his wife and 10 year old son for the charms of Julie Russell.

As for "British" values, Gwen Evans said: "He had some Asian friends before but now he wishes them dead."

Perhaps that's because, like so many in the British National Party, all along Robin was a secret

Yes! That's right.

Robin quit the BNP to set up his very own British National Socialist Party - but the members didn't come flocking because most Nazis know their best chance is with the BNP, and a disappointed Robin was forced to seek re-admission into the racist party, leader Nick Griffin - alleged moderniser and purported scourge of Nazis (when he's on Newsnight) - obliging the adulterous Hitlerite.

So there we are. A short history of Robin Evans, Blackburn BNP organiser, that you WON'T be seeing anytime soon on the blog of hypocrite, racist and rank coward Paul Morris - aka the Green Bigot.

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