10 November 2008

Top Euro Nazi’s hate site run from terraced house ... in Gravesend

A top Euro neo-Nazi leader has secretly set up home in Britain, The Sun can reveal. Hungarian Zoltan Fuzessy, 35 (above, with BNP leader Nick Griffin), uses his terraced house in Gravesend, Kent, as an HQ to promote his far-right movement.

Fuzessy is vice-president of the Jobbik party, whose members freely boast of their hatred towards Jews and make sick jokes about the Holocaust. The party, called “the shame of Hungary” by the country’s PM, has paramilitaries who dress in black uniforms like Hitler’s SS and has close ties to the British National Party.

Dad-of-two Fuzessy runs a website promoting Jobbik from his modest family home. The site, on which he is described as “head of international relations”, carries streams of bile-filled postings by members including a host of anti-Semitic attacks.

One comment, denying the Holocaust happened, read: “Gassing? Appears to have been delousing.” Another said Jews were “full of lies” about the atrocities committed by Nazis and had “miscalculated” the reaction they would get. A third sick comment bragged about giving Asian immigrants “a whack around the head” and then asking them if they felt like staying in Britain.

When The Sun confronted Fuzessy at his house he claimed he was not racist, saying: “My party is radical but it is patriotic, not nationalist. Millions in Hungary support us. Those who call us Nazi are just Communists.”

Fuzessy, who insisted he was not claiming benefits, refused to say when he had moved to Britain or what motivated him to come.

Minutes later the sick racist comments were removed from the website.

But The Sun can reveal Fuzessy has held meetings with UK-based extremist leaders, including BNP chairman Nick Griffin, who was the star speaker at a Jobbik rally in front of 5,000 supporters in Budapest last month.

Last night Gravesend’s Tory MP Adam Holloway said: “Any website which is anti-Semitic or racist in tone or content should be investigated.”

Hungarian MEP Viktoria Mohacsi said: “It is Nazism and it is serious.”

The Sun

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