10 June 2008

Green Arrow sinks to new low

The Green Bigot is better known than he should be, mostly because like all windbags he's got a lot to say for himself and it's hard to miss his windbaggery on the Net.

Mostly the Bigot likes to tell BNP activists what they should be doing and how they should be doing it, and he's been telling them that ever since he turned up on the Nazi Stormfront forums a tad more than a year ago.

The Bigot himself only joined the BNP just before Christmas, like his useless pal Brighton Rat, and neither of them have ever managed to do anything for the party they say they support that doesn't involve skulking in front of a computer - which sort of got to the real world BNP activists who hang out on Stormfront, especially as the windy Welshman and the Rat never turned down an opportunity to attack them if they showed less than total loyalty to the corrupt BNP leadership.

The pair could have been a couple of Searchlight agents, they did so well between them. These two quickly became standing jokes on the fascist right as they watched Stormfront 24/7 calling anybody, even fascist veterans, "trolls", "Reds", "traitors", and such and so forth if they voiced the slightest hint of unhappiness with old One Eye Griffin.

The Bigot runs his own blog, where he's not so much windy as blowing a Force 10. One of those hypocrites I remember all too well from my days as a full-blown racist, the Bigot typifies the BNP mentality of acting and sounding like the racist he his then crying foul when anybody calls him one.

But the Bigot is much more than a hypocrite.

The Bigot likes a sick picture of a beheaded young Muslim girl so much it's appeared on his blog several times. He also likes to get his mates together to lay siege to the blog of a young Pakistani woman, then brag about it on Stormfront and his own cringe making forums. And you've got to see his God-awful YouTube videos to believe them.

The Green Bigot's really surpassed himself now, though.

We're not going to stoop to the gutter language of the Bigot by repeating the title of a post he made today. The gist of it is that the police have objected to the BNP's annual fascist-fest being held at Denby on the grounds of potential public disorder.

This upset the Bigot (who you can bet your boots never had any intention of going himself) so he thought he'd start to threaten the police and the UAF.

Denby Police, sh*t eaters, who will one day have their pensions stripped from them by a vengeful British Public [read: fascist BNP] who never forget.

The UAF, pathetic sad losers who must blush with shame when they take their pieces of silver from their government pay masters. Rest assured we will not forget them.

The BNP learns the lessons of history and never forgets and will use the same tools against those who assist in the betrayal of the British People. Think about that Plod if you are capable of thought. We are watching you watching us.

The Bigot illustrated the post with a picture taken from a pornographic fetish website (he's done that before, too - he must visit them regularly), showing a man lying beneath somebody's backside having something unmentionable fed into his mouth.

The Bigot obviously intended to convey that the police were being fed excretia, missing the irony that if anything that pic conveys his own relationship with the BNP.

Anyway, enough people complained to Blogger that the pic was removed by them.

Now the main BNP website links to the Bigot's blog of bull manure so we can safely assume that the Bigot is repeating official BNP policy when he calls the police "sh*t eaters" and makes threats against them - something friendly journalists might like to ask the BNP's Henley by-election candidate about when he holds his first press conference.


And just to show what a wuss the Green Bigot really is, he's just removed the post. Unfortunately, we've saved it!


Anonymous said...

Have you got any proof? There was no such post when I looked.

Atreus said...


And you're not one of the Bigot's merry men, are you?

Rah said...

Nice one Atreus!

Anonymous said...

theres nothing lower than a sewer rat.