16 June 2008

Accentuate PR rises without trace - until you read about it here

It's here at last! (But we're not linking to it.) The brand-spanking new website of Accentuate PR - public relations consultants to (apparently among others) "a Trade Union, political parties and a range of community groups".

Whoo! Not bad, eh?

Well... yeees, it is bad, because it's nonsense.

Accentuballs is a one-man band run by ex-National Front man and long-time friend of Great Fantasist Patrick Harrington, Graham Williamson, and like everybody associated with serial failure Harrington, Williamson has a penchant for making extravagant claims that have no basis in reality, such as:


The classic public relations company will be an independent business contracted to promote another company in general, to manage a specific campaign or promote products or services. It may use advertising, press coverage or printed material to build brand awareness and values.

Whilst Accentuate may use these tools too campaigning groups are not usually trying to sell a product or services but a message.

This message is the product. It determines the limits of the marketing strategy and which particular audiences to target. For campaigning groups the message is paramount. The message and the publicity generated will be altogether different from that obtained by the normal PR Company. Accentuate specialises in promoting Campaign groups, whether community groups, single-issue pressure groups or non-establishment political parties. It can also replicate this for individuals. We already list amongst our clients a Trade Union, political parties and a range of Community Groups.

The only place we've seen Accentuballs "strategy" in action is the free post-it-yourself PR-Inside website.

But let's humour Williamson.

His brand-spanking-new Joomla-powered website carries three ringing endorsements, viz:

Graham Williamson has handled or publicity and marketing almost from the beginning. We have found ourselves pitched against multi-million pound organisations. Graham Williamson has been able to present and publicise our position to the media and wider public at a fraction of the cost and is usually more succesful!"

Secretary - Adamsgate Action Group

"We could not have handled the launch of our website without Accentuate's help. They not only promoted the launch but helped focus our message to maximum effect".

National Secretary - National Liberal Party

"Graham Williamson has helped to bring our independent Nationalist Union to the attention of a wider public and helped to devise and implement our recruitment campaigns. He has attended meetings and worked closely with our National Executive at all times. Graham and Accentuate are doing a great job on behalf of ordinary working people in this country who want their views represented and communicated."

President - Solidarity Trade Union

Let's take them in order, shall we?

The Adamsgate Action Group is active in east London, and one of its major successes was a campaign against the construction of a Pentecostal church. Well, of course, ex-National Fronter Williamson worked hard against that - and when you know that the Pastor of the church rejoices in the name Dipo Oluyomi you get a better idea of where the Adamsgate Action Group is coming from.

Oh, did we forget to mention that Graham Williamson is also the Chairman of the Adamsgate Action Group? Well we have now.

The grandly titled National Secretary of the deliberately misleadingly named National Liberal Party is one David Durant. Guess what? Durant is ex-National Front, too. And what's this other name we see on their 20 member roster? Williamson? Graham Williamson? Can't be the same, surely?

Oh, but it is...

Funny thing about the allegedly ultra-successful launch of the NLP website that could not have been handled without Accentuballs' help - nobody noticed then, and they still haven't. We give 'em more publicity than Accentuballs ever did!

Accentuballs is handling the PR for the Great Fantasist's "Moneybomb" campaign, a scheme devised to chalk up £100,000 to the National Liberal Party's bank account by midnight on June 15th. It's well past that deadline now and the "bomb" part of the title seems to be the only part that went according to plan. It bombed. Currently the cheap and nasty webpage put up to milk the moolah is claiming that 205 people have donated £2050 - another resounding success for Harrington and Accentuballs. And almost certainly the biggest load of pony this side of Newmarket racecourse.

And so, inevitably, on to the endorsement from the One Big Vast Huge Useless Onion, general secretary the Great Fantasist. What can we say? What did you know about the Huge Onion before you read it here? 'Nuff said.

So there you go.

Accentuballs - not so much a PR company as a state of mind. As in "delusional".


Anonymous said...

wish we in Barking & Dagenham had known about the link to Adamsgate before now, but still better late than never.


Anonymous said...

Well done Norfolk Unity for yet another scoop. This time a another barnstorming and irreverent look at fascist friends Steptoe and Son (I mean Harrington and Williamson).

You have really pulled these pair of con men to pieces and exposed them for the pair of swindling, devious, lying and greasy pair they are.

Clearly, Harrington and Williamson go back a long way, to the days of the Nazi National Front when they were both leaders.

Since then they seem to have moved on to the fascist group Third Way and its political party, the National (Front) Liberal Party.

Now Third Way are in control of the Solidarity union they seem to have ensured that they have feathered their own nests before its members!

Harrington has made sure that his friend and NLP member Williamson's PR company runs the union's press strategy, thereby diverting union funds to their own PR company.

Now we see that the money coming in from unsuspecting donors to the NLP's appeal for liberty funds (see your excellent article on the 'MoneyBomb Appeal - A is for Appeal), they have made sure that Accentuate (Accentballs) gets the cream off it and hey presto - one new web site!

Anonymous said...

I liked the part in your article which goes as follows when you say what Accentuballs claims about the "sellin point" of their PR strategy is...

"This message is the product. It determines the limits of the marketing strategy and which particular audiences to target."

Ha ha! What product?

One tatty and old fascist party that is going nowhere, run by Williamson himself and is regarded as a joke by all serious commentators.

A fascist "comunity group" opposing a Christian church project, run by Williamson again.

A fascist union stolen from someone else by him and his Third Way gang and Nick Griffin of the BNP. As soon a sthey had their sticky hands on the union Williamson and Harrington made sure that Accentuballs did the PR services for the union.

There isn't a product. Only fascist front groups run by Williamson. A scam if anything else.

Yes, and it does "determine the limits of the marketing strategy and which particular audience to target".


A tiny group of fascists and tired embittered bigots.

A discredited trade union run by the BNP and Third Way and used to make money for either parties.

I think Williamson's political strategy is VERY limited with these two pathetic products to market.

Anonymous said...

According to the scam site created by Third Way/National Liberal Party to raise "campaign funds" toraise interest in "liberty" some 205 individuals allegedly donated £10 each to raise £2,050.

Can you REALLY vbeleive yet more lies from Pat Harrington and his "PR specialist" Graham Williamson?

No way have 205 individuals actually donated £10 each to raise an alleged total of £2,050,
(a) there cannot be that many stupid and gullible people who are so eaily parted from their money for the scam appeal made by Third Way,
(b) £10 each per individual is too convenient. I am sure some would have donated £5 or more, rather than everyone giving £10.

We all know it's yet ANOTHER lie from Harrington & Co but at the end of the day these idiots were loudly proclaiming that they would raise £100,000 for liberty!

An alleged total of £2,050 is far, far short of the promised goal of £100,000.

Looks like Pat Harrington has been having another 'Fantasy Moment' yet again.

Anonymous said...

Graham Williamson, I know him
He's the person pictured with the red coat holding the 'May Day is still relevant' poster on the front of the SolidarityTradeUnion webpage.

Atreus said...

The "A is for Appeal" article by Denise appeared at Lancaster Unity, here

Anonymous said...

Graham Williamson, I know him
He's the person pictured with the red coat holding the 'May Day is still relevant' poster on the front of the SolidarityTradeUnion webpage.

Thanks Anonymous!

I always wondered what he looked like. I can now put a scowl to his name.

Meanwhile, strange isn't it that Squalidarity's "national" May Day touted by the Great Fantastist was so nationwide and so extensive in its activity's with sooo many members going out on the streets to mark "their" day.

So strange that sooo few bothered to turn out, thus elaving the Great Fantastist himslef haveing to cobble a photograph (no doubt staged) of his pal Graham Williamson on a street corner in Essex somehere holding a tatty placard.

So much for the great national union and "its" grand May Day events!

Anonymous said...

I blame the muppets in Squalidarity who voted to have Accentuballs to handle their PR.

Don't these mindless morons see what is going on here with Harrington and his pal Williamson screwing the union members.

Just goes to show that fascists are brain dead and can be defeated by an intellectually superious force.

Solidarity - One Big Fantasy

Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing in Searchlight... well done for exposing this.

I live in Rainham, a stone's throw from the proposed site of the new church, and I am an ardent anti-fascist, and I didn't want it there either (and not just because I think you shouldnt encourage fairy-tales). They claimed a potential attendance better than that of the local football teams, but AFAIK wanted to provide very little parking... assuring people that they would encourage car-sharing and use coaches. They had better, since the public transport links are piss-poor for 8'000 people all trying to get somewhere at once. There is no Train in easy walking distance, C2C at Rainham, or the District Line, both require a Bus to get to the proposed site. If the cars spill into the surrounding streets, we will end up with parking restrictions that will only antagonise the locals further. There are two similar churches a short distance up the road, nearer to Dagenham Dock Station.

Most opposition I have heard to the church centres around the fact that following the removal of Fords at Dagenham, new jobs have been mooted to come from a new shpping centre/cinema complex, a casino, or a marina. What is Rainham a Serious contender to recieve? Another Church, to add to the many we already have, a Prison, or a 'dirty bomb' waste disposal site.

Calling the Adamsgate group Fascist is in error - it contains Independent Councillors whom I know personally, ordinary members of the public, and it is unfortunate that it has been hijacked by Fascists.