6 June 2008

When the Bigot met the Rock

I notice on one of my increasingly rare visits to the decreasingly interesting Green Bigot forum that the Bigot has got so desperate for posters that he's even allowed Brighton Rock's old mate Rizla on board.

Rizla goes by many names on the internet and the holocaust denying Hitler lover has been called "real scum" or just "scum" more times than I've had hot dinners.

A real racist dunderhead he fits right in with the Bigot's BNP crowd.

Being very fick (it's a requirement mates of the Bigot have to meet) he still reckons I'm my old Nazi chum Ostle, just like the extremely fick Brighton Rock - who still hates Jack Black to the marrow of his bones, mostly because Jack Black sussed the Rock for the fume of hot air he is.

Here at NU we love the Green Bigot and his useless gang - armchair internet warriors to a man they even made a big thing about their heroic assaults on the blog of the Pakistani Heretical Girl. Oh, whoopy-do! Advance the BNP!

Maybe the Pakistani Heretical Girl doesn't know it, but the Brighton Rock is such a wuss that he's never dared tell his wife that he joined the BNP!!! And the PHG might like to know that the Rock has weaseled out of every activity he's been invited to - even when they were right on his doorstep in Brighton. This is the same feller who talks about marching on to victory and has a lot to say about what BNP activists should and shouldn't do.

That's the Bigot, the Rock and their ilk all over, though.

Still, courageously using anonymous proxies to chuck your racist poison at a young Asian woman beats going out in the real world and doing something for your cause, doesn't it lads? Wouldn't want to risk coming face to face with those nasty Reds now, would you?


Anonymous said...

the Brighton Rock is such a wuss that he's never dared tell his wife that he joined the BNP!!!

Isn't Brighton Rock the self-appointed and unqualified insane 'Director' of the BNP Legal Department, Lee Barnes? If so, it's news to me that legally sane Lee Barnes is married!!!

Denise G said...

No, BR is just a common or garden work-shy internet warrior, nothing to do with Barnes.