10 April 2009

BNP organisers gather for Easter bash

A little bird dropped the notice below in our laps – not one of the birds that Simon Darby, deputy leader of the BNP and the party’s press officer, is forever watching, even when he is in London acting as part-time personal assistant to Richard Barnbrook, the BNP’s solitary London Assembly member.

Darby, as we reported here on 5 April, has just come back from a trip to meet fascists and nazis in Italy. According to the BNP’s website he called for increased cooperation with European nationalist groups at “a conference attended by over 400 people in Rome”, which was rather odd as the fascist Forza Nuova rally Darby attended was in Milan. Darby is the lead BNP candidate in the West Midlands. If he and any of his geographically challenged BNP colleagues in other regions get elected to the European Parliament in June, they may well fail even to find their way to the Parliament’s offices in Strasbourg and Brussels.

But back to the regional council meeting, held the day before Easter Sunday, when even BNP organisers might prefer to spend the time with their families. Perhaps they need an extra incentive to attend. Possible Darby, keen to repay Butler, the BNP’s national organiser and elections expert, for all his hard work, brought back some Italian Easter eggs to give to the first arrivals at the redirection point at Birchanger Green services on the M11.

Here is the letter from Eddy Butler, complete with grammatical errors:

Dear All

We are holding a vital regional council meeting on saturday 11th april.

Meet at 12.30 at birchanger green services on the M11 (the stanstead airport and bishops stortford turnoff)

This is short notice but we have vital things to discuss before the elections get under way in earnest and this is the only free date. Every unit must be represented.

Eddy butler

Eastern regional organiser

HOPE not hate

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