9 April 2009

BNP rattled and with good reason

From Nick Lowles' blog:

When our opponents sent out a fake email from Real AFA yesterday they were simply acknowledging what is clear for everyone to see – we are doing something right. The BNP is scared of the growing HOPE not hate campaign and rightly so. Across the country new HOPE not hate groups are springing up and other organisations are wanting to join our activities.

There will be over 200 HOPE not hate activities across the country during May. This now includes over 70 events organised by students on Student Sunday and many in areas where we have had no activity before. In the South West, where our activities map was previously blank, we are now looking at events in Bristol, Bournemouth, Plymouth, Exeter, Bridgewater and Newquay. In the South East, where again we had nothing, events are now being planned with student unions in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

And this number of 200 doesn’t even include Union Friday events. This could well see several hundreds more activities taking place around the country as we plan events with trade unions. Local Trades Councils in Shropshire contacted us at the end of last week to say that they had voted to cover railway stations on Union Friday. Last night Matthew spoke to an Aslef branch in Bletchley and received support from them as well. Blackpool Trades Council are joining with Labour Party activists and trade unions to set up a Blackpool HOPE not hate group and Stockport Trades Council have delivered the thousands of leaflets they have already received from us and have just ordered another 5,000.

No wonder our opponents are scared. When our Preston and Chorley HOPE not hate organiser puts in an order for 65,000 newspapers and Pendle UAF order 30,000 you can tell the campaign will be big. And this is in addition to the 45,000 ordered by Blackburn, 30,000 by Burnley, 20,000 by Ribble Valley and 10,000 each for Hyndburn and Rossendale.

The abusive and silly email that went out yesterday is the sign of desperate people. As our campaign really cranks into gear I’m sure we’ll be inundated by more black propaganda. I take it as a compliment as it confirms to me that we are doing something right.

HOPE not hate

NB: Details of Norfolk HOPE not hate activities supported by Great Yarmouth and Norwich Trade Councils will appear here shortly.

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