16 April 2009

Police launch probe over new BNP threat

Redbridge Police have launched an investigation after an apparently pro-British National Party (BNP) website published threats against a woman who was allegedly the victim of a racist attack.

The news comes after officers arrested a BNP by-election campaigner in Wanstead on Tuesday after she allegedly called the woman a "n****r." The police have not commented on whether the BNP canvasser has been charged.

The website, which claims to be written by an unnamed "proud BNP member", has published full details of the woman and photographs of her Wanstead home along with the threats. The website has been taken down within the past hour.

It said: "I intend to publicise your details on as many web sites as possible. You will wish you had never lied about the BNP; and that's not a lie, that's a promise."

Despite the police action, Wanstead BNP candidate John Evans said he thought the website was a fake. He said: "I think it's an absolute fake. I haven't heard of it. We don't need to resort to this rubbish. I hope they find who did it. If we can take legal action against the person that did this then we may well do so."*

Waltham Forest Guardian

*Oh really?

Norfolk Unity has 76 comments to date in its moderation queue. Some are death threats, some are threats of violence, some are racist, some praise Nazism. All of them come from BNP members.

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Barbara Suzuki said...

It's freedom of speech, innit? That glorious freedom for ANONYMOUS to insult others in the cruelest ways possible with no responsibility and no accountability.