8 July 2009

2 pints of lager and a packet of BNP leaflets

The BNP website reports:
The British National Party in the West Midlands is expanding once again, reports new regional organiser Alwyn Deacon.

Speaking to BNP News after his first regional council meeting held after the European elections, Mr Deacon said he had already appointed four new organisers, one new fund holder and three new contacts for up and coming areas.
Along with the report, we find a cheery picture of West Midlands BNP activists standing outside a pub:


Take note of the logo in the background. We've seen that somewhere before. Back in April of this year, I noted the activities of the British Freedom Fighters, a gang of openly Nazi skinhead thugs, who had posted photos of themselves out and about, stomping around the streets of an unspecified location and enjoying a beer and sieg heiling session at a pub:



So, where might this pub be, a pub visited by both the jolly West Midlands BNP brigade and the BFF boneheads?

A bit of digging based on street signs and shop names in BFF pictures turned up a bar in Nuneaton called 'Eliotts Bistro'. According to the pub's listing on nuneatonpages.co.uk, Eliott's Bistro offers a 'welcoming and friendly atmosphere' and the contact is given as 'A. Deacon'. Note the logo:


What are the chances of that? The West Midlands BNP regional organiser is one Alwyn Deacon, and his crew are pictured outside a pub run by an A. Deacon. According to a May 2008 Coventry Telegraph report, 'BNP leader Alwyn Deacon, a Nuneaton pub landlord, failed by just 16 votes to oust Labour stalwart Bill Hancox in Bede ward'. This same Alwyn Deacon also stood for the BNP in the recent local election there.

Now either there are two pub landlords in Nuneaton called A. Deacon - one BNP and one non-BNP - and the BNP A. Deacon likes taking his BNP buddies for drinks at the pub of the non-BNP A. Deacon, or BNP organiser Alwyn Deacon is indeed the landlord of Eliotts Bistro. I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and go with the latter.

Given this, it is interesting that of all the pubs in Nuneaton that the BFF could have chosen for their boozy stiff arm session it just happened to be the pub of BNP activist and landlord Alwyn Deacon. An odd coincidence, no doubt...

Still, for anyone planning a night out in Nuneaton who doesn't relish the thought of spending time at a pub run by a BNP activist, you might like to give Eliotts Bistro a miss.

Edmund Standing at Harry's Place

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