6 July 2009

Anti Muslim protestors demo in Brum

Dozens of far right anti-Muslim protestors disrupted shoppers in the shadow of Birmingham’s Bull Ring shopping centre on Saturday afternoon, but were contained by a sizeable police presence. The hatemongers are promising to return on August 8 to whip up more ill will.

The protest appears to have been organised by – and certainly involved members of – the English Defence League which was also occupied with another demo on the same day in London’s cosmopolitan Whitechapel district.

This shadowy group first emerged on the streets of Britain last month when they turned up on in Luton to register their disapproval at the barracking of homecoming British troops by a small number of local Muslims.

There’s also a linked Facebook called the English and Welsh Defence League which – like the EDL - claims to have no political affiliation, but nevertheless claims that “Labour have done a fine job destroying our country”.

They make the the curious claim that “racism will not be tolerated in this group”.

In distinct contrast to the BNP’s attempt to give fascism a moderate face, these supposedly peaceful protestors have the look of hooligan boot boys – and indeed there have been suggestions of links with football gangs.

Chants of “No Surrender To The IRA”, “We Want Our Country Back”, “Allah Is A Christian”, “We Want Muslims Out”, and “Lets Go Fucking Mental” do nothing to dispel the image of a few footy firms coming together to cause mayhem in the close season.

The Facebook group is now advertising a further “meeting” in Birmingham on August 8 at 6pm.

The Stirrer

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