8 July 2009

Family's fear of Huyton race hate gun thug

A family told of their shock and fear after a neighbour racially abused them before pointing a gun at their father.

The Adedoyin family watched in horror as Ian Maitland, 44, “erupted like a raging bull” before waving the gun and unleashing a torrent of racist abuse. They had never spoken to the cabbie across the street before he screamed at the children aged five, 10 and 15-year-old twins and told Jeff Adedoyin to “get home to Africa”.

He boasted about being a BNP member before declaring he “would kill them all”. Maitland was jailed for nine months yesterday after telling Liverpool crown court the children awoke him by playing outside around 9pm.

The court heard IT consultant Mr Adedoyin went to see Maitland at his home in St Christopher’s Drive, Huyton, after hearing a volley of abusive shouting and finding his children in tears. The 37-year-old, who is originally from Nigeria, stood outside the house as his terrified mother-in-law dialled 999 and Maitland appeared with the gun and a baton.

He screamed and waved the gun towards them. Maitland’s wife Julie appeared and spat at Mr Adedoyin’s mother-in-law, Julie Durkin.

The 52-year-old told the ECHO: “I just felt this shock and disbelief that this was happening. He was like a raging bull. You wouldn’t think it could happen. I’ve never heard language like it. The whole thing has been horrendous. It’s had an affect on all of us.”

Restaurant worker Lindsey Adedoyin, 33, said she had struggled to sleep and was unable to work for months after her children and partner were threatened. She said: “I keep having panic attacks and it took me almost a year to get back to work. I kept thinking I saw him in the street – even though he moved away – and I worried about the children playing outside. I had nightmares about it for ages. I still feel shaken.”

She said she noticed a change in her children, particularly her son, now 11. “He always used to be really outgoing but now he holds everything in. I’ve seen a difference in him; the way he is with his friends.”

Maitland admitted possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear and causing racially aggravated fear of violence during the incident on August 10 last year. Prosecutor David Watson said when police arrived he told them: “I am BNP, that’s my choice,” but later denied being a member of the right wing party in interview.

Michael Maher, defending, said Maitland was “essentially all mouth” with “no bite.” He said he had since lost his house, his Hackney taxi licence and feared being separated from his children.

Julie Maitland, who admitted common assault, received a community order with 12 months supervision and was ordered to attend a human dignity probation programme. She wept and shouted “I love you” as her husband was led away.

Mrs Durking said her family were upset by the sentences. She said: “We can’t help thinking if this had been an 18-year-old lad waving a gun and shouting racial abuse he would have gone away for a lot longer.”

Victims of racial abuse can call the Knowsley Ethnic Minority Support Group on 07890 948 912.

Liverpool Echo

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