13 July 2009

BNP leader has drink thrown over him

The leader of the British National Party had a pint of beer thrown over him at a Cotswold pub on Saturday night. Nick Griffin was dining with colleagues from the right-wing party in The Falcon Inn in Painswick when the incident happened.

An 18-year-old was ejected from the pub for arguing with the group, and waited outside for them to leave. When the party walked out of the pub, at around 11.30pm, the teenager threw a drink over Mr Griffin.

A statement issued by Gloucestershire police today confirmed the incident. It said: "On Sunday, July 12, Gloucestershire Constabulary received a phone call from an 18-year-old man stating that he had been assaulted the previous night, July 11, outside The Falcon Public House on New Street, Painswick.

"The man stated that he had been asked to leave the pub after he was involved in an argument with a group of diners. He left the premises but remained outside and a while later, at approximately 11.30pm, the group of diners left and he threw drink at them. Following this the group restrained him and it was during this time that the man states he was assaulted and bruising caused to his face. He did not wish to make a formal complaint about the incident."

Simon Darby, spokesman for the BNP said: "It appears this was an opponent of ours who thinks he can go around throwing drinks over people."

This is Gloucestershire

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Paul Garrard said...

No matter how bad the beer might have been, it was a waste of beer.

Whilst I hate the BNP with a passion I don't think I could condone such action even though I smiled when I pick up on this news