3 May 2009

BNP and its bogus vicar in Norfolk Church visit "experiment"

Church answers BNP criticism

The British National Party (BNP) in West Norfolk has launched a scathing attack on The Church stating it is "drifting away from Christianity and its authenticity".

The call comes after party members joined the congregation at Gaywood's St Faith's Church on Sunday, with area organiser Dave Fleming describing the service as "lacklustre" and stating it did not offer anything in relation to the "saving power of Jesus". He told the Lynn News the visit was held as an "experiment" amid concerns about the way Christians were "not being properly fed by the clergy".

Mr Fleming has accused The Church in general of "drifting away from Christianity" and believes the service offered at St Faith's – which included what he described as "amateur theatre" – is representative of those across West Norfolk. He said: "We sang some nice hymns. But rousing hymns are not enough to electrify the service. The scripture has to be illustrated and has to come from the heart. The Holy Spirit must move within the congregation, I did not feel any of that in church."

The visiting group included the Rev Robert West, a BNP member who has a small church based in Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

The former South Holland Council member left the Conservative Party in 2006 to join the BNP and will stand as the party's East Midlands candidate in the forthcoming European Parliament elections. The BNP's website describes how he has been "instrumental" in setting-up the Christian Council of Great Britain to defend "values of freedom and Christianity".

Mr Fleming, who is also a member of the Christian Council of Great Britain, said the party members paid a cordial visit and did not enter into any discussion with those present.

The BNP will have at least four candidates in the forthcoming Norfolk County Council elections and once the campaign is over they will make further visits to churches in the region.

St Faith's Church welcomes both Anglicans and Methodists and has a congregation of around 100 people for each service. The Rev Sally Theakston, team rector of Gaywood, has issued a brief response to the BNP comments. She said: "I am sorry that the members of the BNP do not find worship at St Faith's helpful for their Christian discipleship."

The Rt Rev James Langstaff, Bishop of Lynn, added: "All our churches have services which are open to the public, anybody is welcome to attend. We would hope that people attend in a spirit of devotion and a desire to worship God. My experience of worship at St Faith's has always been a very positive one, it is a remarkable example where Anglicans and Methodists worship together and I express my full support to the church at St Faith's.

"The Church of England has a long tradition of seeking to minister to all the people in this country and that is a tradition we hope to continue."

Lynn News


3Baskets said...

There is some information about Rev. Robert West on this link:

He has said the "The mixing of races challenges the glory of God"


Anonymous said...

Strange that the BNP is putting forward fake vicars given that it loathes Christainity.