23 May 2009

Making asses of themselves...

Unceremoniously ripped from the website of Merseyside blogger Eric The Fish

Simon 'Eyebrow Farmer' Darby is furrowing. He says on his blog, "journalists desperate for BNP smears are trawling through social networking sites frantically trying to find anything at all that might enable them to employ their favourite "R" word."

Even The Daily Mail has nailed Fat Eddy for his drunken Facebook antics although the comments support the party and anyone criticising him is voted down. The Mail must be so proud of its symbiotic relationship with fascism.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Gary Aronsson's Facebook page is no longer accessible to us mere mortals. Nothing to hide, Gary?

So by way of recompense here are some delicacies from BNP members and groups on Youtube (sometimes referred to as Jewtube by fascists). Griffin let the cat out of the bag earlier by urging supporters not to make threats or racist remarks in emails so it is not surprising to see the type of people BNP bigots consider friends.

I'm reminded of the Aesop fable, 'The Ass and his Purchaser'.
  • A man who wanted to buy an Ass went to market, and, coming across a likely-looking beast, arranged with the owner that he should be allowed to take him home on trial to see what he was like. When he reached home, he put him into his stable along with the other asses. The newcomer took a look round, and immediately went and chose a place next to the laziest and greediest beast in the stable. When the master saw this he put a halter on him at once, and led him off and handed him over to his owner again. The latter was a good deal surprised to seem him back so soon, and said, "Why, do you mean to say you have tested him already?" "I don't want to put him through any more tests," replied the other. "I could see what sort of beast he is from the companion he chose for himself."
The moral, of course, is that you can tell a lot about a man's character by the company he keeps.
As I've said before, we all have a few weird friends; it is the sheer number of BNP nutters that is so illuminating. So let's go on a journey and see what floats the BNP u-boat.


Their Youtube account has a blue and red liver bird with the names of such local luminaries as Peter Stafford, Peter Tierney, and some others not called Peter.

1. bluetoffeeman - another Pete (Molloy). Nothing remarkable but he does have an avatar with Liverpool: British Isles in one city alluding to the actual motto of 'World Within One City', which gives an indication of what really drives this medal-wearing ex-Fathers For Justice wingnut.

2. robisnotdeadyet - likes football hooligan movies

3. peppermintjohn666 - now we're getting interesting. He is deputy leader of the Integralist Party. yes, that's what I thought! Apparently it's a new movement and has a symbol indicative of Oswald Moseley's British Union of Fascists. As Benjamin Noyles (for this is his peppermintness himself) says:
  • "As the designer of the party symbol and flag I thought it best to properly explain its significance and why I chose to design it the way I did. Though the symbol is clearly a modern adaptation of the BUF’s ‘action within unity’, it was still envisioned to properly represent the ideals of the party. It must be understood that no other symbol could be chosen for the rebirth of a political movement whose youthful endeavour we march in the tradition of."
4. Enochpowell2008 - "Is my daughter going to have to wear a hijab and is my son going to be forced to pray five times a day???" The choice is BNP or Islam.

5. Mingchingboy - Has a video entitled 'Fags Get Beat in Russia' (which is of a demonstration by Peter Tatchell and gay rights activists)

6. BNPmuscle - says his previous account was taken down"because
I stood up for white British people.
Muscle has a friend Aryanpower18 with Hitler pictures and Nazi mates.

7. Tancredthecrusader - claims to be a Solicitor but has this rocket to throw at Charles Darwin: "Why am i not a Evolutionist? Well do you seriously believe Human beings evolved from rocks and fruits?"

8. panzermatt "...i also have a strong interest in the greatest army the world has ever seen the wehrmacht" "IM NOT A NAZI! I'm right wing like jorg haider in Austria " but has a motto of the SS "Meine ehre heisst treue"9. enemyislam (kalshnikov? avatar) - has name and address of an alleged terrorist on his site (Berlin) and says " go pay this Albanian a visit"

10. englishinfidel - has toilet paper with arabic writing and a Keep Britain Tidy logo with an Islamic crescent and star being put in bin.

11. jb196988 - white pride world wide with the ubiquitous '88' 'Heil Hitler' reference.

12. 14whitelady88 (above) - 14 words "We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children."
David Lane R.I.P member of Nazi Nation group,(naziforever), White National Socialist Alliance, NS Alliance and Colin Jordan RIP (UK neo-nazi died April 2009 after stealing red knickers in 1975)

13. myterrain (serbia) has a list of 'people who should die slowly and painfully with their entire families':

The Clittons (sic)
George Mustafa Bush
Gerhard Turd Schroeder
Thomas De Waal
Mattew Bryza
Mikhail Gorbachev
The bombers of Serbia

14. mutterundkind (mother & child)
Nazi propaganda poster avatar

15. newtimekillscritics - Austrian scenes - video of Uncle Adolph and the Sexy Nazi Girls - The good old days

16. Headhunter500 who lists Muslim Killer as his occupation.

Among the scary and sad there's also time for the Liverpool brethren to add other BNP groups as friends:


1. Fourth Reich14
Swastika - race nation victory
White race shall prevail 14/88 (the 14 words od David Lane and Heil Hitler)

A number of friends such as 14racistguy, USAsearchjewwatch, 14whitenationalist have had their accounts suspended.

2. nsaryan14 - (and nsaryan1) - extreme right-wing rock music such as Skrewdriver and Final Solution video.

3. 1488bcb - video - more kosher pigs and their Political Correctness and the Ann Frank hoax

Links to Stormfront and www.adolfthegreat.com (as you do)

one8ah - more dog whistle use of numbers 14 and 88.Picture of black woman on a £1 note! with Islamic flag!

wyattkaldenberg - Odinism (if not Onanism) practitioner.


1. aryanpower18

2. Britishwarlord - Friend of German neo-Nazi party, NPD."Here is my British National Socialist Manifesto. Probably about 14 years 6 weeks old!

The Royal family will be liquidated, they will probably be shot no wait, they will be hung.I will put an end to all Immigration to the UK, I will tell all non native British to leave the Islands, if they dont then they will be liquidated. They will be liquidated into a tasty nutritious drinks!!! thats right they will liquified into a tasty protein rich meal for the alsations and guards dogs in our armed forces, im sure they will gulp it down with such joy.

The Union Flag will be changed to the swatstika intead.

There is a lot more to come..........unless they take the pages down as ordered by Herr Griffin. Still, the Prnt Scrn button is magic.




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