22 May 2009

Where did Griffin's £30,000 ‘Truth Truck’ money go?

Press release issued today by former UKIP Director of Communications Mark Croucher, reproduced without comment:

Questions have been raised over the destination of £30,000 raised by BNP Leader Nick Griffin to buy a mobile advertising hoarding after it came to light that the vehicle had not been purchased despite Griffin ’s claims that it had.

Throughout 2008, Griffin had urged BNP members to contribute to its ‘Truth Truck’ campaign, raising £30,000 to fund its purchase. In his new year’s message to BNP members this January, Griffin confirmed that the vehicle was now ‘bought and paid for’.

However, High Court Enforcement Officers attempting to seize the vehicle to settle judgements on behalf of freelance journalist Mark Croucher were informed that the vehicle did not, in fact, belong to the BNP. This was confirmed in a subsequent letter from the BNPs solicitors, Gilbert Davies & Partners of Welshpool who wrote, “the goods referred to are registered in the name of another person who…has no connection with the judgement debtors”.

Mr Croucher said, “As the vehicle is not owned by the BNP, it is clear that the fundraising campaign was a farce. Ordinary people have been suckered twice: once into joining a racist party like the BNP, and again into donating cash to buy something which Mr Griffin lied about having bought.

“Mr Griffin clearly has some questions to answer, and not just to his members who thought they’d purchased a truck.

“There is a certain irony in £30,000 being apparently misused by the BNP as they attempt to cash in on the current expenses scandal. I will be contacting the police and asking them to investigate whether the fundraising campaign was fraudulent and the cash was obtained by deception.” ENDS

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