24 May 2009

Warning! Membership of the BNP can damage your looks

Intoducing Donna Treanor, aka PoliticalMIZZ, a Croydon BNP activist who wants to hang the "traitor" Archbishop of Canterbury and believes the BNP will be "invited to form a Government in the very near future".

Donna has a long list of traitors she wants to get even with. As well as the Archbish, there's the Houses of Lords and Commons, Ted Heath, Matthew Wright, The Daily Mirror, UKIP, the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems, The Sun, Kelvin McKenzie, Boris Johnson, journalists (all of them), the Metropolitian Police, oh, and the Britsh People - or "sheeple" as Ms Treanor calls them.

Wading through her 115 pages of IntenseDebate comments ("are we being softened up for Paedophilia to become law? The country is becoming more and more Islamified every day") and observations ("they've legalised Paedophilia in the Lisbon treaty"), you can feel Donna's pain and anger as she lashes out at all those traitors and enemies of the country. The sweat on her madly pulsing forehead and the screw in her face are palpable.

Now when I was a young fascist feller my mum told me during one of my angry rants that if I didn't calm down a bit the screw in my face would become permanent. Poor old Donna's obviously had no one like my mum to advise her. Here she is in 1983, pictured in The Sun (or The Lying Sun, as she calls it these days), which ran a story about Donna attending her first Madonna concert:

Well okay, she's no Miss World, but not everybody is.

And here's Donna 22 years later, in 2005:

Donna excitedly told The Lying Sun: "She [Madonna] was really focused and, like me, she hasn't really aged much since then."

Ahem.. Maybe Donna uses a different mirror to the rest of us.

Well at some point Donna joined the BNP and things went downhill...

...and kept on going downhill...

Which just goes to show that my mum was right. God Bless her!

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