26 May 2009

BNP tries to extort 20k from Christian Party

Short and sweet this.

The Christian Party has 300 billboards across London with the strap-line “Put your cross by The Cross not the swastika”.

They've already been vandalised by BNP cretins, but now the BNP's barking mad "legal department" has told the Christian Party to cough up £20,000 for using its logo.

Rev George Hargreaves, leader of the Christian Party, commented “Having examined their racist policies, I would not give tuppence for using the BNP logo.”

Whining BNP members complained they're not Nazis, but see the post below this for the truth of that.

Our advice to the Rev. Hargreaves isn't very Christian but it is to the point.

Tell them to fuck off.

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