26 May 2009

"People like you" (if you happen to be a Nazi)

Simon Deacon – BNP Candidate for Hertfordshire Bridgewater – Wants an All-White Britain

Deacon (on left, facing camera, against police van.) Seig Heiler is Stuart Hollingsworth – convicted for damaging the Steven Lawrence memorial in 1998 and sentenced to three months in prison.

On his election to the Markyate parish council in 2007, Deacon told the St Albans Observer (25.4.07): "England was a white country – we think it should be returned to that."

Shelley Rose – BNP Candidate for Dunstable Northfields – Uses Language of Race Hate
Shelley Rose (centre) flanked by BNP leader Nick Griffin and Young BNP activist Mark Collet.

Collet appeared in the 2002 Channel Four documentary "Young, Nazi and Proud." He is quoted as saying "Hitler will live forever; and maybe I will."

In 1998, Griffin was convicted of inciting racial hatred for publishing material that denied the Holocaust.

On 27th November 2008 Rose – worker at a Luton furniture company - showed that she was capable of spreading similar lies. On Facebook, when describing why she was boycotting Tescos (once owned by Jewish people) she said:

"They want to take over the world, all the other shops even supermarkets seem to have some regard for local produce and the country. Tesco's are on their own agenda. They will destroy all business around them, unless people refuse to shop there. I would rather put myself out and pay a bit more at a smaller local shop, than line the pockets of the kikes that run Tesco."

Chris Mitchell – Young BNP Organiser from Leighton Buzzard
Chris Mitchell (left) has for a number of years been the Young BNP organiser for Bedfordshire Hailing from Leighton Buzzard, Mitchell was heavily involved in the 2007 BNP Luton Borough Council election campaign. Here we picture him on holiday in the Mediterranean showing his true colours.

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