19 May 2009

Have Newsquest pulled their BNP adverts for good?

There's still been no official word yet but it looks like Newsquest may have decided to pull all BNP ads from their newspaper websites.

The banners which were prominently placed just yesterday have disappeared from all Newsquest sites reported to be carrying them.

Just take a look for yourself:
When complaints about the adverts were first made, individual editors defended their decision to carry them.

However, a build up of coverage in the last 24 hours may have led to a change of heart at the top. Indeed my own webstats have shown growing interest in this story from other media outlets, readers of the blog, and the company itself.

Quite what affect this build up had on the disappearance of the ads is difficult to say. But whatever the reason, Newsquest seem to have made the right decision. I just hope that they stick to it.

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