10 May 2009

Mein youth kampf

BNP target kids in weekend training sessions

The BNP is setting up a BRIT-LER YOUTH to indoctrinate children, we can reveal.

Party chiefs are trawling internet chatrooms to lure kids as young as 13 to weekend camps where they will be taught SHOOTING, self-defence and nationalist ideology. And some aged EIGHT are being targeted by a new British National Party comic. It features a venom-spouting racist puppet called Billy Brit. who praises Enoch Powell's infamous Rivers Of Blood speech.

Last night a spokesman for anti-racist group Searchlight stormed: "This is sickening. Every parent should be warned that it could be your children these extremists are after."

Top of the far-right party's sinister new recruitment drive is their version of the HITLER YOUTH. Members start off as "junior patriots" at 13 and are given ID cards, a newsletter and a training book with lessons in "ethno nationalism".


They are invited to the BNP's annual youth camp and two training camps where they have to keep records of their improvement in shooting, self defence, flag drills and ideology. They must carry out between four and eight hours of "political activism" a month. "Patriots" must attend all three events to become leaders of the Young BNP.

The camps are held over weekends in the countryside. The last one was held in Derbyshire. Similar camps run by Germany's far-right group, the Youth Faithful To The Homeland, were recently outlawed for trying to indoctrinate kids with Nazi ideology.

But BNP leader Nick Griffin is determined to lure even younger children to his party's beliefs-with a puppet and a comic called The Comet aimed at children from the age of eight. The sinister "Billy Brit" is already featured on the BNP website where he reads his "educational poems".

In one called Heroes he praises MP Enoch Powell for his infamous speech about immigration in 1968. Racist Billy rants: "He gave a speech called Rivers Of Blood and never gave up the fight. Enoch Powell spoke for me. And Enoch Powell was white." Youngsters are sent signed photos of Billy.

There is also a website for Young Supporters with quizzes, games and events. It includes the BNP demand for an official White History month.


They even have kids posing in BNP T-shirts on their merchandise site and are selling Enoch Powell T-shirts emblazoned with his face on the front alongside the Union Jack.

The Comet comic is sent out to kids between the ages of eight and 12. It says it is delivered to "all you eight to 12-year-olds out there who love your country, Great Britain. Yes that's Great as in Grrrrrrrreat!!! With the British National Party it can become great again."

It tells kids: "Your job is to find out the truth about what's going on in the world (and of all the political parties in this country, the only one you can count on to tell you the truth is the British National Party)."

The party is also targeting children's chatrooms on the internet as part of its campaign to lure youngsters. Anonymous BNP chiefs befriend unwitting users on sites like Bebo. They operate under the user name "Young Brit". The sinister strategy has led to a flood of complaints.

One youngster on the site wrote in reply: "What a sad and pathetic life you lead." Another branded Young Brit a "perv."

The revelation comes after the News of the World exposed BNP plans to use internet blogs to spread damaging stories about rivals.

Labour fears the BNP is stronger than ever and could win seven seats in June's Euro elections.

News of the World

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