27 May 2009

BNP are 'Nazi thugs' - Cameron

David Cameron has launched a scathing attack on the British National Party, calling them "Nazi thugs" and a "bunch of fascists".

The Tory leader admitted that many people will be angry at the main two parties over the MPs' expenses scandal, but urged them not to react by voting for the BNP.

Fielding questions from the public at an agricultural show, he said: "If you vote for the BNP you are voting for a bunch of fascists who want to divide this country over the issues of race and the colour of skin."

His response turned to anger when a member of the audience at the Bath and West Show in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, argued that the BNP "have a point when it comes to immigration". Cameron told him: "Go and have a look at what the BNP have said. Do not be naive about what these people stand for. They dress up in a suit and knock on your door in a nice way but they are still Nazi thugs".

He told the audience: "There is a proper national debate that we should have about immigration. I want us to limit the number of people coming to Britain, but do not believe that the way to beat the BNP is to half agree with them. These people are not pleasant people."


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