9 May 2009

Great Yarmouth: adoring crowds fail to greet BNP's Lie Lorry

I've got to ask - when brains were handed out was the BNP in the toilet writing on the walls?

Yesterday morning some dimwit from Essex BNP left a message for us crowing that the party's Lie Lorry had paid Great Yarmouth a visit, and didn't that get right up our noses? It was next to another BNP message making threats about our Day for HOPE not hate in Great Yarmouth, which is very probably underway as you're reading this.

Now if you're going to crow about something it doesn't half help if you've got something to crow about!

Well the BNP aren't strong on thinking as we all know, so it never occurred to them that this early in the season, on a day in mid-week, all you're going to see on Yarmouth seafront is seagulls - and they can't vote.

But if you move off the seafront, into Regent Road and up to the Market Place and King Street there are thousands of people to impress. Too bad all those places are pedestrianised!

So the BNP's Lie Lorry drove up and down Marine Parade and in and out of Yarmouth and nobody noticed.

Here are their own pictures of the adoring crowds of Yarmouth citizenry not turning up to watch the BNP waste time and petrol:

Slot machine players not flocking out of the Slipper:

Where IS everybody?

Hey look! There's some folks... over here! Cooeee! Oh bugger!

Let's try the Maritime Museum, yes? No? Oh well...

Our luck's in - two over there heading towards the Marina - see?

Let's try the Britannia Pier - can't fail there... can we?

I make that five people walking by the Bowling Greens if you add the two kids together. Bet they're impressed!

This is a dead loss. Best we carry on up North Drive, Paul. And go home.

And go home they did, leaving Yarmouth unscathed (and utterly unaware that the BNP had ever visited).


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