24 May 2009

D-Day - Tuesday 2 June

A Sikh soldier displays a captured Nazi flag

The HOPE not hate campaign is planning a national Day of Action against the BNP on Tuesday 2 June. We are calling it D-Day or Democracy Day and we will be distributing 500,000 leaflets at over 250 events across the country.

We are also calling it D-Day because it comes almost 65 years to the day when hundreds of thousands of British, American and Commonwealth troops set sail for France in the final push against Hitler's Nazis. Now it is our turn. They risked their lives to rid the continent of fascism. Today, we just have to get people to vote.

It will be our final push for the elections so I hope you will all get involved. Events will begin to be advertised overnight so I hope you will all give one hour to ensure we defeat the BNP in the European elections.

Visit the HOPE not hate website for further details

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